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08.10.2019 11:30
08.10.2019 13:00

Committee of the Regions, Brussels

Batiment Jacques Delors, Rue Belliard 99/101

In today's interactive session, we would like to address the question of how the effects of climate change are becoming increasingly important for urban infrastructure planning.

The consideration of climate risks is becoming increasingly important in urban infrastructure. Some form of climate-resistant planning is needed. 

The potential for local climate action to shape a greener Europe is huge: based on a practical laboratory carried out before the meeting, participants identify climate risks and impacts on their infrastructure projects. These are based on data from the CLARITY Climate Services Information System (CSIS) screening tool presented today.

Hazard-specific resilient solutions will be presented and discussed, led by pilot initiatives with climate-resistant experiences from Austria, Sweden and Italy (our CLARITY showcases). In addition, the BEACON municipalities will be introduced at roundtables and their approaches to climate protection will be presented.

How can you participate?

The session is aimed at urban and infrastructure planners and developers, municipal decision-makers, energy and climate policy makers. Are you interested in bringing together adaptation and mitigation measures at the local level? Then you have come to the right place.

Last but not least, everyone can ask questions during the panel discussion about financing possibilities and common benefits.

About the European Week for Regions and Cities

The European Week of Regions and Cities is an annual four-day event during which cities and regions showcase their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance.


Hands-on climate action across European municipalities - Welcome
Speakers of BEACON and CLARITY project: Kristina Dely, Sarah Gül, Sumeet Manchanda, Lisa Schneider, Rosmarie de Wit

Welcome & Opening

Presenting the BEACON and CLARITY projects; outline the aim of the session

Smart Cities Consulting, Austria / Navigant, Germany

BEACON municipalities introduce themseves and present their approaches to climate adaptation and mitigation protection

Agios Dimitrios, Bottrop and Alba Iulia

Steering Local Adaptation: Hands-On Lab on Measuring Climate Risks in Municipalities

Input presentation: the CLARITY project: Pilot city with recent insights on climate proofing project, Rosmarie de Wit, ZAMG

Based on a hands-on lab conducted prior to the session, municipalities identify climate risks and impacts to their infrastructure projects based on data of their specific location through the CLARITY Climate Services Information System (CSIS) screening tool. Hazard-specific resilient solutions will be presented, guided by pilot initiatives with climate-resilience experience from Austria, Sweden and Italy. Results of the lab can then be discussed at two roundtables and the panel discussion.

Connecting Local Mitigation action: Roundtables

Input presentation: BEACON municipalities introduce themselves and present their approaches to climate protection

Roundtable - City climate partnerships: Bottrop (DE, Tilman Christian) and Agios Dimitrios (EL) discuss good practices, first experiences, challenges, Q&A.

Moderator: Lisa Schneider, adelphi

Roundtable - Smart cities: Alba Iulia (RO) presents and discusses their ongoing activities and develops avenues for further action with participants

Moderator: Sarah Gül, Navigant

Roundtable - Clarity Screening Tool: Online presentation of the workflow; the service is under development yet and feedback of participants is sought-after

Moderator: Denis Havlik, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Panel discussion: Solutions and Financing for integrating adaptation and mitigation planning Moderator: TBC 
  • Presentation of key takeaways for municipalities from roundtable and lab
  • Panel discussion on the finance options and co-benefits of planning adaptation and mitigation in an integrated manner with 3-4 questions on the opportunities of integrated adaptation and mitigation planning at the local level
  • Wrap-up

Moderator: Sarah Hendel-Blackford


Sumeet Manchanda, Associate Director & Lead, EU and Bilateral Green Finance, Energy Efficiency and Climate Change (EBRD),

Kristina Dely (Energy Cities / CEEC Regional capacity building at Covenant of Mayors Office)

Liviu Stanciu (Community Project Manager - Alba Iulia Smart City)

Representative (Agios Dimitrios)