09.10.2018 13:00
10.10.2018 13:00

BIP Brussels

2-4 Rue Royale
1000 Brussels

Why attend this workshop?

Like many cities in Europe, your city is affected by the impact of climate change. Now, what can be your response so that your city is more resilient, better prepared, and certainly less vulnerable? We understand the complexity of the challenge. It requires appropriate engagement along with an effective (and easy) access mechanism that should response to your needs.

This workshop intends to give you the key to the current services as well as the required climate information. Whether you are interested in climate service responses for city infrastructure, traffic, cultural heritage, building energy, emergency planning systems and more. The speakers will host small sessions/workshops to present their methodologies, standard processing tools, and best practices applied in several EU cities. Lively discussions with stakeholders will be stimulated. The goal of the event is to demonstrate practicability as well as pave the way for broad acceptance and application of Climate Services and information systems.

What will you learn?

- Prescreen climate risks of your local project with the online workflow tool

- How climate experts contribute to refine climate adaptation of your project 

- What Climate Services can do for your city/region

- What the business behind Climate Services is

- What practical steps you can take in your sector


Who should attend this workshop?

- Spacial Planners and City Developers

- Urban Practitioners

- Policy Makers

- (Landscape) Architects 

- Project- and Risk Managers

- Infrastructure Constructors and Operators

- Finance and Insurance Experts


Horizon-2020 projects CLARITY and develop and pilot Climate Services for cities and urban sectors, set up a platform for distributing primary climate data and creating localized data packages. 

CLARITY will provide ICT tools and workflow for assessing climate risks and appraising climate adaptation measures that can be applied by urban end users and climate adaptation experts to implement a localized climate strategy. will demonstrate the added value of integrating Climate Services within user practices. The service will quantify the impact of climate (change) on a range of urban sectors and propose relevant, reliable, and cost-efficient solutions to customers.            


Presentation, Workshop + Discussion Area

Introduction - scope and purpose

CLARITY: Workflow, climate services information system (Denis Havlik, Austrian Institute of Technology) Climate services with pilot cases in urban sectors (Nele Veldeman, VITO)

Q&A about presentations

Opportunity for input and questions from participants to representatives from the projects and C40 

Group Activity: "Gains" and "Pains" of climate adaptation for stakeholder personas

Develop and share insights as urban planner, solution provider, municipal authority and financing institution!

Meet with geo-scientists, data experts, urban planners, urban and industrial endusers at the Climate Services fair ground 

Representatives of both projects will provide inspirational presentations of their urban demonstration cases from Antwerp, Barcelona, Bern, Jönköping, Linz,  Naples, Prague, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna.

Presentation, Workshop + Discussion Area

For visitors´ convenience the event will be repeated, refer to October 9th Agenda.